Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How About We...

One of my best friends from high school decided to quit his job in finance and work for a start up company in Brooklyn (How About We).  The company has two different platforms to attract two different demographics of people. The first is a dating website in which you chose what you would like to do on a date, and they match you based on someone else that would like to do the same date. Pretty creative idea if you ask me!

The second platform is for people that are already dating (cha-ching!!). This is perfect for Colin and I because I am beyond paranoid that we are going to be that couple that gets locked into a boring routine. For this website, you pay 20 dollars a month and they give you a bunch of free dates and even more discounted dates. For example, one is you can rent out the Central Park ice skating rink and another is having a world class chef come and cook you dinner in your home! Both of these are out of my price range, of course, so my boyfriend and I stuck with the free ones.

The first one we went on a few weeks ago was to the Peanut Butter & Co down in Bowery, NYC. We sat down in this adorable little cafe and were immediately offered a Strawberry Daiquiri sandwich to share which was strawberry jam, white chocolate peanut butter, and marshmallow fluff. Colin wasn't a huge fan, but so I basically ate the entire thing. Afterwards we received a ten tub sampling of all of their peanut butters with celery, carrots, toast, and crackers to spread on. Can you imagine ten types of peanut butter?! It ranged from regular, to hot sauce, to maple, to dark chocolate. I wasn't a huge fan on the spicy one, but I had my fair share of sampling of the rest! They also give you coffee and a free jar of whichever peanut butter you want to take home! I also received two cloth peanut butter tote bags for the road. Here is the list of all of the peanut butters you can try! 10 Types of Peanut Butter

           I can not wait to try to incorporate some of the peanut butter flavors into some baking!

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